• Anne Marie Nguyen, from The Noun Project


My mission is to reduce the barriers from concept to fruition; leveraging technology to aid with tools, communities, and systems to enable the creative process.

Design shouldn’t need to exist as a separable profession if all practices incorporated human-centered design principles. Until that day exists, it is my responsibility as a designer to creatively enable this process.



I’m process-oriented.

An independent study project on design methodologies.

This video was created as an independent study and explorative research project on alternative methods of collaborating with ideas. It is currently being used by the Associate Director of Carleton University’s School of Architecture as a pedagogical tool to articulate incubation methodologies to architecture students.

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I map complicated concepts.

Sketches, Drawings, and Maps

The pen is my weapon (albeit a big fuzzy and friendly weapon). I use it both to comprehend and articulate complex concepts, and also to discover new ways of approaching design challenges at hand.

I have been trained rigorously under the architectural design pedagogical mantra “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” – which naturally challenges me to be able to rapidly visually articulate anything from complicated concepts to simple ideas.

I really like people.

Community engagement and design facilitation.

Community Involvement

Community is important to me. Whether it’s through joining like-minded interest groups, or creating new communities based on social needs – I am constantly looking for new ways to critically and creatively engage with the people around me.

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The Portfolio

Project Samples.

Every good creative and designer has something to show for their work. Check out a larger list of my projects and works on my personal portfolio website!

Visit Portfolio Website
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My Résumé

The Traditional.

Here’s my traditional résumé. Everyone apparently has one of these. Not much to say here besides – go have a look!

Note: If needed, it prints well. Just remove the header/footers your web-browser automatically inserts.

Check it out!
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Other Résumé

The Narrative.

In a human-centred design world, traditional résumé formats don’t really cut it. They just don’t tell the full story! Here’s my attempt at a whole new résumé style to showcase the narrative of how I got to where I am today.

Visual Résumé
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Mobile Site

Digital contact card.

Yep – I have a mobile site. Built from scratch. It gives you easy access to just what you need to know about me – and lets you contact me right away for all your design problems.

Just visit alexmchong.ca on your mobile device!

Visit My Website
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Bachelors of Architectural Studies

Major in Design

I have been educated under the most sophisticated of multi-disciplinary approaches to

  • stakeholder alignment
  • client/community interfacing
  • critical inquiry & design research
  • human-centred design approach

Graduated with distinction, I rocked those design-studio courses (ARCS) so well that it granted me the rare undergraduate opportunity to become a teaching-assistant/mentor for design-studio courses.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about me! This is just the beginning - wait until you meet me in-person! Feel free to contact me for a conversation on how we can professionally work together!