Through our collaborative efforts, we break boundaries and become the change-makers we’ve always admired.

Building community builds language – to deeper understand humanity as a medium to share stories, express vulnerabilities, and band together on sentiments that give purpose to social interaction. Together we can exchange insights and experiences, and spark fire within to sustainably explore passion, learning, and discovery.

Through our collaborative efforts, we break boundaries and become the change-makers we've always admired - to contribute towards the social betterment our world.

Art + Design

Makeshift Collective since 2009
Executive director and founder of collective. Designed and built co-working studio in the Toronto Chinatown area with over 25 active members of designers, artists, and creators – gathering to push each other's creative potential.

Design Impact + Ethics since 2018
Chair & director of community of UX designers:  students, mentees & mentors, and industry practitioners working collectively towards critically questioning tech morality and impact.

Makeshift Film Collective • since 2009
Collective of passionate amateur film makers exploring personal projects and narratives through burst challenges.

Visual Thinkers Toronto • 2014
Past co-chair and facilitator for open community of visual-thinking explorers who make sense of the world using drawings, diagrams, or imagery.

Intune Lab • 2014
Advisor, support, and co-facilitator for workshops designed to create safe-space discussions on personal process ranging from design to deeper practices of empathy.

Community Development

OCAD ED Mentorship Program • 2015–2016
Co-director of mentorship program connecting practicing architects and interior designers to 3rd and 4th year students of Environmental Design.

Exhibit Change • 2013-2014
Support facilitator for organization dedicated to design-driven community engagement, provoking community conversations on rethinking education.

Korean-Canadian Community • 2008–2013
Member of the Student Development Committee whose mandate is to create meaningful community programming to professionally develop the Korean-Canadian university student community. Director of the Konnect Project bridging the relationship between university and high school students.

Ottawa Glebe Community BIA • 2011
Streetscape documentation and archiving & public workshop facilitation for Ottawa's strongest neighbourhood community. Hosting public workshop gathering community sentiments from children and families to inform future urban planning of the community.

Ottawa Chinatown BIA • 2011
Support in community conversations of the Vietnamese-Canadian Boat People Cultural Museum, with developmental conversations with the Ottawa Chinatown BIA.

Gay-Straight Alliance • 2007
Ally, advocate and support in setting up high school's first Gay-Straight Alliance forum to openly and safely discuss topics of healthy sexual identity development.


Bowery Project Volunteer • since June 2019
Glorified watering volunteer at local neighbourhood urban farm. Bowery Project designs, builds and manages mobile urban farms in downtown Toronto. They grow food for local chefs/restaurants and charities while engaging the community through fun, creative and educational programming.

Reel Asian Film Festival Volunteer • 2013
Volunteer for ticket sales, checkin, and event support for the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival – a showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora.

Events & Competitions

Startup Weekend • 2012, 2013
Competed in multiple Startup Weekend events, including 2012 as a participant, 2013 as a Team Leader, and 2013 in Chicago as the winning team.

Impact HUB Ottawa Design Competition • 2011
Design competition participant for Impact HUB Ottawa, one of the first community coworking spaces in Ottawa. Early-stage community concept development.

Toronto 48 Hour Film Project • 2007, 2011, 2016
Multiple entries to the Toronto 48 Hour Film Project, where participants are challenged to write, cast, film, and edit a short film all in 48 hours. Made it to the top-10 finalisst in 2007.