How do we empower companies to build their most critical and responsible work?

Alex is a product experience strategist who specializes in interaction & service design. Alex has been designing and strategizing products with Fortune 500 companies over the last 10+ years, managing, and building teams that create complex product and service offerings.

An expert in advanced design training experiences, Alex offers transformational engagements for startups and businesses.

Consulting for Product & Design Teams

For teams (businesses, startups) looking to clarify their product & service offering and re-evaluate the tactical approach in building foundational human-centered approaches that bring deep meaningful value to users.

Product Strategy & Value Mapping

Walk through your product offering and map out the value being offered to customers. Determine how your product fits into the overall service offering of your organization. Uncover unvalidated assumptions that pose risk to your organizational success. Align the product roadmap to tactically address these assumptions while strategically releasing functional value to your users at key moments of growth.

Agile & Lean UX Tactics

Optimize product teams based on financial and development resources to tactically execute towards organization and product visioning values. Create cost-effective tests within the design and development cycle to validate outstanding assumptions. Prioritize features according to resources required and value impact, and adapt quickly to new insight. Maintain quality control and integrity of product design intention.

Usability Audit & Analysis

Assess product usability through the expert lens – with experience in engaging a significant variety of software interactions ranging from enterprise business solutions to consumer applications. Train teams to effectively assess to optimize based on pre-existing design system standards and cultural interaction patterns. Optimize informational models and content structures for concise and effective communication. Determine operational deficiencies causing compromises in usability output.

Design Operations & Culture Building

Build tactical awareness to the layers of product leadership. Determine how designers carry out product and company value structures by building consistency across multiple service offerings. Build an internal community among designers to provide deep autonomous motivation allowing designers to continue learning and discovering. Cycle those innovations forward back into the organization – while enhancing the design-development relationship to encourage moments of innovation.

Why Consult with Alex

Successful startups recognize that the user experience of their product/service needs to be the forefront of their offering. However the barrier to entry is cost: the need for highly senior design expertise, while only being able to afford junior designer rates.

Consulting with Alex responds directly to that struggle – allowing clients to engage with highly specialized talent and financially commit to a short-term engagement to strategize during earlier stages. After strategizing and developing a tactical plan, the support and maintenance work can be transferred to Alex's large network of junior design talent as a cost-effective long-term maintenance and implementation plan.

Professional Experience (10+ years)

  • Product design lead for over 10+ products ranging from consumer apps to commercial-grade platform solutions; product ownership integrating agile/scrum product management workflows
  • Complex service design & platform design experience for end-to-end retail services supporting multiple touchpoints
  • Design team lead & mentor: culture/team building, directing, resourcing structures, process building, cross-team functions
  • Data-driven and value-driven design: assumptions validation, usability testing & research, analytics and insights reporting
  • Information architecture modeling: content structures, data structures, information modelling, business and programming rules
  • Communication design: public outreach, storytelling for business concepts,

Educational Experience (3 years)

  • Lead educator developing and executing design-learning curriculum reaching an audience of over 300+ learners
  • Directly taught over 200+ adult professional students in full-time 10-12 week intensive courses to transform individual careers
  • Andragogical experimentation on learning methods for highly personalized experiences in scalable learning structures
  • Guest lecturing for classes up to 140 students
  • Formal training in classic design pedagogy through Bauhaus method, at Carleton University School of Architecture & Urbanism

Mentorship Experience (10 years)

  • Mentoring and supporting personal and professional growth of individuals for over 10 years; focusing on creative growth
  • Community & leadership development: founder of two design communities including multi-disciplinary design studio space and UX design collective